The owner of this particular home is a lady of the age 39 who attends to her 2 children and uncle. One of her 2 kids is a young teenager and the other is 2 years with autism. Her uncle just turned 89 and is handicap with alzheimer. The home she is living in needs some major work. Filtration throughout the entire home. With the assistance of Beyond Relief, Clara Springs Baptist Camp, and Changy also known as Pastor Eugenio we were able to bless her with some major repairs. November 2022

I passed this home for years and thought it was abandoned. Little did I know there was a lady who was suffering from severe depression and epilepsia. She keeps herself locked in her home with the visit of one neighbor every so often. Don Edwin, who is the owner of a local restaurant informed me about her situation. To make things more complicated she has been without running water for 3 years now. I was able to receive a helping hand from CRU to share Christ with our time and hands. June 2022

A lady of age that has an advanced stage of Alzheimer and dementia lives in this house. Her husband of 50 plus years passed away about 6 years prior. She is taken care of by her 2 daughters. Unfortunately, the finances aren’t sufficient to attend the house she lives in. This home has been deteriorating for quite some time now. With the volunteer time of CRU we were able to clean the property and attend to parts of the exterior. Please keep Dona Odela and the family in your prayers. May of 2022

From Us to You

Connecting God given resources with needs.

Blessed IV Life is a small Christian Non-Profit ministry that provides low and no-cost resources and work to Puerto Rico during the recovery process and beyond. We are committed to providing worthwhile volunteer opportunities to locals, out-of-state groups, and lovers of the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico from around the world.



Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico as a Category 5 hurricane, offers Christians a chance to be helpful—to show God’s grace and mercy to a disaster-filled world. Till this day the people of Saint Just, Puerto Rico are still in need. We have been blessed to be a tool of hope. 


We are not a large ministry or a church but Lovers of God and People who believe in changing lives one person/one family at a time as the Good Lord Leads.